2019 Honda Fit Design, Engine, More Features & Release Date

The 2019 Honda Fit refreshed the tiny Fit a few months ago and it looks like they are looking to change even more things about the vehicle. Unlike many other cars in this class, the Fit is able to offer a really capable system and an awesome set of an engine. The car not only seems fantastic, but it is also relatively fast for the price and for its size.  So far it looks like a huge update might be already on its way. While the manufacturer didn’t say much so far, this update should hit the market with the upcoming 2019 Honda Fit. It looks like now around the upgrade will be more than just a gentle renew.

2019 Honda Fit

2019 Honda Fit Platform

The current car is based on the same platform as the City. However, it looks like things may change with the upcoming 2019 Honda Fit. This could function a new flip framework based on that of the Social. This system would function a reduced middle of severity and it would be mostly designed out of high durability metal. The end result would be less weight, better structural rigidity, and much better NVH levels. With the new platform, the car may also feature a different operating equipment with a possible separate back end. The latter would definitely increase the way the car pushes without any real drawbacks besides its price. The wheelbase might also increase with the new vehicle while the track width should change as well.

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2019 Honda Fit Design

One of the big problems we have with the current model has to be its interior. Even though the car seems excellent, the managers are not the most convenient to use. Hopefully, this will modify the 2019 Honda Fit. If the rumors are anything to go by then the car should lastly get rid of the terrible touch-based environment manages. In their position, we should see a new set of actual control buttons which may not look nearly as excellent but they will definitely give the driver a much easier time when using them. The infotainment system is also likely going to change. It looks like Honda will update it to their newest edition. The vehicle style will also modify a little bit. From the provides we can see Ford is looking to get the new Fit nearer to the Civic when it comes to the overall look.

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2019 Honda Fit Interior

2019 Honda Fit Engine

The base model of the 2019 Honda Fit is more than likely going to come equipped with the same 1.5 liters naturally aspirated mill as before. With around 130 horsepower and 114 lb-ft of twisting this will provide just enough efficiency to create most of its customers satisfied. However, for those looking for more, it seems like Ford will launch a second motor option. This should be their all-new 1.0-liter turbo-three unit which is known to make anything between 110 and 130 horsepower and up to 140 lb-ft of torque. While it will still be similar to the larger engine, it should provide better fuel efficiency as well as a more relaxed driving experience thanks to the extra torque. An automatic is also a possibility. However, Honda didn’t really say much about it and it looks like they will only announce it closer to the car’s release date.

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2019 Honda Fit Design

2019 Honda Fit Release Date

Even though 2019 Honda Fit didn’t say anything about the future Fit, a Japanese magazine did release a few renders for the car. Fromtheseese we can clearly see Honda’s intent and even though the renders are not official, they have been provided by an inside source. The vehicle is likely going to hit the market some time in the early 2019 and its price shouldn’t be all that different from the current model.