2020 Nissan IDS Concept Review

2020 The Nissan IDS Concept is no ordinary new car and comes from the finest Japanese car manufacturer. It is far more independent than a present genre of cars. If it goes into production, you have a chance of owning a car, which is technologically enough advanced to park itself, foresee possible road accidents, and also make up for some of the driver’s mistakes. With such hi-tech facility, Nissan believes that the IDS can prevent road accidents.

2020 Nissan IDS Concept

2020 Nissan IDS Concept

Exterior And Interior Details

The IDS’ exterior design is based on aero technology. Meaning, the front of the car has tunnels, which actually help the car become speedy. The 2020 Nissan IDS concept is new and Nissan has used it in its sports cars. Other features that make the car aerodynamic are the placement of tires, which is fixed closer to the four corners, and its size, which is a little over 4.5 feet. The front grille is a beauty with its transparent look and bluish tinge. The headlights are narrow and run farther onto the sides. The doors have rear hinges, which allows easy stepping in and out of the vehicle. The rear has a blue illuminated panel matching with the grille in front. The heavily angular taillights look totally stylish.

2020 Nissan IDS Concept Interior

The interior of the vehicle boasts comfortable seats and plenty of space. Actually, there is no steering wheel and the console looks quite simple. In manual mode, in the place of a steering wheel, there is a screen with two levers and there are pedals for acceleration and break. In the autonomous mode, the levers go inside the console and a couple of screens eject from it. A variety of information and infotainment options appear on the screens, from which the driver can choose with touch and using voice commands.

Engine And Mileage Specifications of 2020 Nissan IDS Concept

Not much information is available regarding the battery. However, from various sources, it has been found that it will be a 60kWh lithium-ion battery. With this kind of battery, IDS should pick up a maximum speed of 155mph and achieve 60mph in less than 6 seconds. Nissan always promises to produce energy-saving cars and with this one also, it plans to live up to its promise. As per the experts, IDS will not have too much power but its aerodynamic design will help it be speed friendly.

Price And Release Date of 2020 Nissan IDS Concept

Undoubtedly, the new 2020 Nissan IDS concept is a revolutionary car. Its price details are not yet available, as work on making the features of the concept car a reality is still on. It will be released any time later than 2020.

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